Fruit Juice for Tuition Fees

01 Nov Fruit Juice for Tuition Fees

Anita Ngadie, a Christian Ministry student from Sierra Leone, is taking her tuition payments seriously. She was exposed to practical business methods in one of her general education classes, and decided to test them out. When she is not studying, singing in the choir, at soccer practice, or playing Jenga with the other students, Anita can be found making fruit salad and fruit juice to sell to students and staff at LIU. Not only has she paid her tuition through her fruit business profits, she has started hiring a few of the students to go to the market and purchase the fruit for her. She is able to stay organized and keep track of her payments by using an excel spreadsheet that she put together in one of her business classes. She said having practical business skills coupled with her Christian Ministry degree will serve her well in the future. “I am able to help my fellow students, sell delicious juice, and pay my tuition bills.” While Anita is involved in many clubs and activities at LIU, she also had the second highest GPA last semester.